An English company is an Ltd with minimum 1 GBP register share capital
Is a good vehicle for works in the European Union and outside;
It can establish branches in all over the Union, but the share capital maybe change, because every member state has its own rules for the companies.
To incorporate a UK ltd you need at least one shareholder, its not restricted the nationality, which must be individual or a body corporation, a director which must be any nationality and resident, individual or body corporation, and a secretary which must be individual or a body corporation, but the secretary must be not the same person or corporation with the director.
The secretary must be also authorized to do this kind of job, by the British authorities, and off course has a U.K. address.
For this reason we recommend our U.K. secretary partners.
Then you need a UK register address.
The register address is not your trading address, but it’s only the address for the U.K. authorities.
When you complete these four steps, shareholder, director, secretary, and register address, you are ready for trading in all over the World, to hold assets, open Bank accounts e.t.c.
What you pay and what you get?

The cost to incorporate a U.K. ltd is 1.200 euro and the second year is 600 euro.
You get the company with register address and our UK secretary services, the certificate of incorporation, the memorandum and the articles of association,
You should provide to us with the shareholder/s details and the director/s details and then we do for you all the legal work to nominate them to the U.K. authorities.
What’s next?

Now you have your company and so? how it works?
You will receive from us general instructions how it works a UK company what should you do, how to raise an invoice, what do you need for a Bank account, or what’s your obligation to U.K. authorities
And of course you can send us mail for help. We do not charge for general advice; we ask you for fees only if we have to work about your demand.
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