Marshall Islands are new players in the offshore sector, you can incorporate a typical offshore company, for many reasons and with many extensions such as IBC, INC, LTD and whatever you wish, the minimum share capital is 500 USD divided in 500 shares of no par value, you can incorporate in many cases in less than 24 hours, there are ready made old companies with certificate of no trading by the Marshall Islands authorities.
Marshall Islands is a very good jurisdiction for Vessels and sea transport companies and to protect you anonymity.
What you need for incorporation, you need at least one shareholder, a director, and a secretary, any nationality and residency, Body Corporation or individual, you need also and a local register address.
We ask you for these kinds of details only for the director and not for the shareholder, and only after the company’s incorporation.
What you pay and what you get

For a Marshall Islands company you will pay 2500 euro and after the first year 850 euro annually, and you get not only the company and the legal work for it, but and a lawyer assistant to protect your privacy, and anonymity.
Our lawyers become the proxy from the Marshall Islands authorities and then they making all the legal work, transfer of shares, nominate the director, so by this way no one knows which is the shareholder even in the Marshall Islands.
You get the certificate of incorporation, the articles of association, share certificate, secretary services, you should get and a certificate of good standing, but we never issue and send it to you in the same time with the incorporation because it’s a very useful document to open a bank account or to come in a deal with a company, and always must be not older than six months, (many Banks asks for two months old) and because every certificate costs 150 euro we send you the first certificate of incorporation which is free of charge, when you need it.

What’s next?

Marshall Islands companies have not legal obligation to keep or audit accounts you can do that only for your reasons, e.g. for Bank loan or for your partners, but if you need assistant for example how can you increase your share capital or how to raise an invoice feel free to send us a mail.
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